Episode 1

Bibi Blocksberg - Die Serie

  • DE 1999
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Bibi Blocksberg is a cheerful and cheeky young girl. There is something special about her: Its witchcraft! Flying and rushing around on her magic broom called Kartoffelbrei she is always involved in fantastic adventures. Whenever Bibi Blocksberg is challenged to use her special talents witchcraft and human intellect everything comes to a good end.
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Bibi Blocksberg

The black Cat

Bibi wants a pet. But her mother Barbara is strictly against it. Animals only make dirt and... zur Folge
Folge 1 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Weatherfrog

'Ferdinand is the name Bibi and Marita give to the mysterious little frog that they find in... zur Folge
Folge 2 / Bibi Blocksberg

Bibi the Princess

Whats the matter with Bibi? She is acting like a princess. But it isnt a game; its a... zur Folge
Folge 3 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Babysitter

Bibi is allowed to look after a neighbors twins. Because the babies screams begin to get on... zur Folge
Folge 5 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Super Spell

The school yard isnt going to be enlarged, theres no traffic light in front of the school and... zur Folge
Folge 6 / Bibi Blocksberg

In The Jungle

Using a secret spell Bibi and her friend Moni land in the jungle. Bibi doesnt know the return... zur Folge
Folge 7 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Dinosaur Egg

Bibi and Florian are playing in the quarry with Dino. Some time ago he had been brought alive... zur Folge
Folge 8 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Vampires

Bernard Blocksberg loves vampire films. When he is given a surprise trip to Transylvania as a... zur Folge
Folge 9 / Bibi Blocksberg

Where is Apple Pie

What an emergency landing! Bibi on her broom Apple Pie zooms with a crash through the kitchen... zur Folge
Folge 10 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Flying Race

Carla Caramba organizes a grand flying race. Naturally Bibi wants to take part. Also joining in... zur Folge
Folge 11 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Math Disease

To avoid a math test, Bibi pretends to be ill. She casts a spell to make her face brightly... zur Folge
Folge 12 / Bibi Blocksberg

The New School

Bibis school is in a terrible state: the plaster is crumbling, the windows are loose and the... zur Folge
Folge 13 / Bibi Blocksberg

In The Orient

The rising price of gas causes the Mayor to travel to the oil producing country Kaleidostan.... zur Folge
Folge 14 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Three Santas

Marita doesnt believe in Santa Claus. Bibi plans to prove her wrong with a look into moms... zur Folge
Folge 15 / Bibi Blocksberg

Bibi's First Crush

During Mrs. Miller-Meanymacs math class theres a knock at the door. Its Joaquin, a new pupil... zur Folge
Folge 16 / Bibi Blocksberg

Lets Do It Without Magic

Bibi uses magic during a game of chase. This makes Florian and Marita angry. Bibi wants to... zur Folge
Folge 17 / Bibi Blocksberg

The White Cockatoo

Bibi, Sheba and Flowipowi havent learned their spells for their witchcraft lessons with old... zur Folge
Folge 18 / Bibi Blocksberg

Prince The Super Poodle

Bibi is thrilled with a book about Prince the super Poodle. Hed be able to help her with her... zur Folge
Folge 19 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Enchanted Dromedary

A white dromedary is standing in Barbaras rose bed. Father Bernard allows Bibi to conjure up... zur Folge
Folge 21 / Bibi Blocksberg

The Magic Ban

Bibi uses a spell to bring her parents luck in the lottery and they really do win! But suddenly... zur Folge